Q. If you are being paid a flat fee to sell my property, why would you try and get me more money for it like agents on an incentive based percentage commission? You are being paid the same no matter what you sell my property for.  

It actually takes the same amount of effort to sell a million dollar house as it does a $200,000 home. The process is the same. So why pay more simply because your house is worth more? This structure simply isn’t fair. Our job is to get you the best possible price for your home regardless of its value. That is both our contractual and ethical obligation. You are dealing only with the Directors of the company and for our business to succeed we must do the right thing by you. Our reputation depends on it!


Q. Do I have to pay you for advertising? What if it doesn’t sell?

No.  Our essential marketing package and GST are included, even if your property doesn’t sell.


Q. I don’t like open houses. Do I need to have them?

No. In fact we believe that open houses will inherently attract sticky beaks and not a genuine buyer. We would prefer to have one on one contact at private inspections. However, for those clients to who like the prospect of an open house or who are considering an auction, we are more than willing to accommodate.


Q. Why is the newspaper not in your essential marketing package?

Because we don’t find it essential.  Any honest agent will tell you that newspaper advertising is not essential, nor are “Just listed” “Just sold” letter box drops. These tools are used primarily to boost the profile of the agency. The buyer of your home is predetermined. They are already out there and THEY WILL FIND IT! The way people purchase real estate has changed. However, for those clients to who like press advertising or who are considering an auction, we will provide this service for an additional price, at cost.


Q. I want to sell my unit/apartment but your flat fee is more expensive than other quotes I have received. I would like to use you though. What can you do for me?

Our fees are negotiable for units and apartments. We can discuss this with you at the time of listing and will be competitive and affordable.


Q. Why don’t you need an office?

Offices are really a place to house your administration/ support staff and rental department. As we specialise in sales only and you are dealing directly with the business owners, we do not need this unnecessary expense.  Not having this outgoing cost means we can pass on the savings to you. Typically, sales negotiations and contract signing happens at your home or solicitors office. 


Q. Why should I choose you?

It’s simple. We are mobile, progressive and affordable!


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